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Our mission is to provide property buyers, sellers and owners unbiased, comprehensive technical information regarding property conditions that allow well-informed decisions.


Gary and Kay Sloan founded Discovery Inspections in 1997. Their ambition was to create a home inspection company that could help homebuyers by providing the information needed in order to make a sound buying decision. Along the way, Gary and Kay built a world class team that is dedicated to serving the local home buying community at a very high level. From the ground up, Gary and Kay knew and taught the significance of quality, service, professionalism, and growth to the Discovery team. Wanting more growth opportunities and a bigger future for their team, Gary and Kay decided to partner with Residential Inspector of America (RIA) in 2023.

RIA is family operated but is one of the largest and fastest growing home inspection companies in the country and has completed more than 250,000 home inspections. The Discovery and RIA partnership exists to bring enhanced service, value, and opportunity to homebuyers, real estate agents, and to our team members.



Gary Sloan

Owner & CEO

Gary has over 25 years in business in the inspection industry and leads a great group of people. You can’t lead great people if you’re not a great person yourself. Gary’s ambition was to create a property inspection company that offered a wide variety of services. It is important to provide a service that can be counted on for providing valuable information so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions. Gary understands the significance of quality, service, and professionalism. Gary has completed over 12,000 inspections and is a mentor for numerous inspection companies across the United States. Gary was previously an aviation mechanic as well as a safety and environmental supervisor in the airline industry.

Kay Sloan


When Kay married Gary, she joined him on the adventure of a lifetime! Kay is the backbone of Discovery Inspections. Kay has the drive and skill to oversee every aspect of the day-to-day operations. She responsibly maintains the finances to ensure the company remains strong, compliant and audit ready. Kay keeps all of us on track and yet allows each of us to shine in our own way.

Lisa Ricciardi

Marketing Director

Lisa was born and raised in Queens, New York and has lived in Peachtree City since 1992. She joined the Discovery team in 2010. Since then, Lisa has worked her way up to Marketing Manager. She always has a smile on her face and enthusiastically assists our client’s and referral sources. She is the “energizer bunny” that keeps us entertained. Not only does she share her marketing talents with Discovery Inspections, but she also works closely with a number of realtors to help them enhance their business success.
Lisa has a servant’s heart. Outside of work, Lisa leads a Grief Support group. She is always ready and willing to help those who are in need. As a bonus, Lisa is also our resident ballroom dancer!

Chris Rowe

Certified Master Inspector

Chris is one of our Certified Master Inspectors at Discovery Inspections. As Chris is a combat veteran who was honorably discharged as an Army Staff Sergeant of 10 years, Chris’ military experience, as well as work experience in document management and pest control, lends itself extremely well to the role of Inspector. With 9 years of inspection experience, Chris is our Inspection Services Manager and trains all our inspectors. Attention to detail, promptness and clear communication helps Chris excel at our company and assures that our quality control is top notch.

Adam Anderson

Certified Discovery Inspector

Adam is part of our team of certified inspectors. With his 22 plus years of experience in the Army, he brings a militant work ethics to all his inspections. His attention to detail, clear communication, and positive attitude makes for a fantastic inspector. A native of Louisiana and a Bulldog fan, Adam, has become a valued member of our Discovery family.

Caleb Warg

Certified Master Inspector

Caleb is one of our Certified Master Inspectors at Discovery Inspections. Having earned ICC Certification, Caleb is also one of our two New Constructions Inspectors. Caleb is a natural-born inspector. He loves the hunt of discovering technical information about a property, documenting that information, and conveying it to the clients in an informative manner. Caleb relies on his tools to accurately diagnose suspicious conditions as being a concern or not. He enjoys the interaction with clients by answering their questions and by providing insightful maintenance tips to help them have a positive experience. Don’t be distracted by his youthful look. Caleb is routinely requested by name and has a long following of satisfied clients.
Caleb has been blessed to be married to his lovely wife Dawn since 2018 and most recently with the birth of their first child.

Don Riley

Certified Discovery Inspector

Don, a retired Army Master Sergeant/Infantry, Small Arms Readiness Group, is the epitome of the phrase “with age comes wisdom.” Don, having vast life experience, has an endearing demeanor that allows clients to feel at ease and secure in the information that he provides. He will tell the truth in a gentle and easily digestible way. Don is very thorough and detail oriented. Don came to Discovery Inspections from the home repair industry. He has 40 years handyman experience including owning his own Handyman company.
Don is a grandpa to 3, soon to be 4 grandchildren, husband to Christine, and is loved by God.

Adrian Brown

Certified Discovery Inspector

Adrian is very engaging, likes to take the lead and is very detailed oriented. If you’re having trouble understanding anything in your inspection report, he’ll be able to help you understand and easily digest it. In the Air Force, Adrian was responsible for inspecting and repairing multi-million-dollar aircraft. He applies that attention to detail to each of his inspections. Inspection is in his blood! Adrian is also a singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian.

John Sherouse

Certified Discovery Inspector

John is our newest addition to the Discovery Inspections team. John brings tremendous experience with him. As a Desert Storm veteran, John was a Heating Systems Technician. Once he was honorably discharged from the Air Force, he became a licensed plumber and owned his own plumbing service for 35 years. John then owned his own home inspection company before joining us. The inspection industry has two significant associations, ASHI and NACHI, and John is certified through both.

Jaimee Huddleston

Office Manager

Jaimee has over 10 years of experience in the field of social services. Dealing with a wide variety of people, situations, and personalities has prepared her to become a vital part of the Discovery family. With these broad experiences, she brings a strong ability to communicate clearly with others and to build a warm rapport with our customers. She is an excellent listener and wants to help each customer specifically get the assistance that they need. Jaimee is detail oriented and well organized. She really enjoys applying these skills to serving both our client’s and her coworker’s needs. Jaimee is mother to three young children and wife to a “big kid”. Outside of work, Jaimee and her husband Tony operate a family micro-farm with a number of farm animals and a large garden. And, she has a great smile!

Sean Baltazar

Client care coordinator

The Discovery Inspections family was enhanced when Sean joined our team. Sean has years of experience in customer service. He has a knack for handling multiple tasks and successfully completing each in an expedited fashion. Sean is gifted with a flexible mind that allows him to serve each of our clients and provide an experience specially catered for each one. Sean is another example of having a servant’s heart. Each year he grows his hair out and donates it various hospitals in his area. This hair is then made into wigs for cancer patients.

Matt Opelario

Marketing Assistant

Matt is a very gifted individual who has become a valuable member the Discovery family. His background started in nursing which demonstrates his desire to serve and care for others. Matt also gained many years of customer service and research experience in a variety of fields which he utilizes to strengthen our company. His expertise includes graphic design and video editing. Matt certainly helps supercharge our team and creatively highlights each employee’s strengths to keep us motivated. 

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