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Our mission is to provide property buyers, sellers and owners unbiased, comprehensive technical information regarding property conditions that allow well-informed decisions.


Gary and Kay Sloan are the owners of Discovery Inspections. They began the business in 1997. Their ambition was to create a home inspection company that offered a wide variety of services. More importantly, a service that could be counted on for providing valuable information so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions. Gary and Kay both know the significance of quality, service and professionalism. Every inspection is just as important as the last. They remind themselves and the Discovery team of how every detail matters. As a company…good enough never is.

They constantly look for ways to improve whether it is scheduling, the reports, the inspection protocol, or communication with the clients. Gary and Kay are committed to ensuring clients have a positive, interactive and educational experience…not just an inspection.

The company strives to provide technical information and advice so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions for their families or businesses. In addition to being a Certified Master Inspector, Gary has numerous credentials that establish him as a technical subject matter expert. He personally trains each Discovery inspector so they will deliver the best service possible.



Gary Sloan

Owner & CEO

Gary’s ambition was to create a property inspection company that offered a wide variety of services. It is important to provide a service that can be counted on for providing valuable information, so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions. Gary understands the significance of quality, service and professionalism.

Kay Sloan


Kay, married to Gary, responsibly maintains the finances to ensure the company remains strong, compliant and audit ready.

Lisa Ricciardi

Marketing Director

Lisa was born and raised in Queens, New York and has lived in Peachtree City since 1992. She has been happily working with the Discovery team since 2010. She always has a smile on her face and enthusiastically assists our client’s and referral sources.

Chris Rowe

Caleb’s ICC certification

Chris Rowe is one of our Certified Master Inspectors at Discovery Inspections. As Chris is a combat veteran who was honorably discharged as an Army Staff Sergeant of 10 years, Chris’ military experience, as well as work experience in document management and pest control, lends itself extremely well to the role of Inspector. Attention to detail, promptness and clear communication helps Chris excel at our company.

Adam Anderson

Certified Discovery Inspector

Adam Anderson is part of our team of certified inspectors. With his 22 plus military experience, he brings a militant work ethics to all his inspections. His attention to detail, clear communication, and positive attitude makes for a fantastic inspector.
A native of Louisiana and a Bulldog fan, Adam, has become a valued member of our Discovery family.

Caleb Warg

Certified Discovery Inspector

Caleb is a natural-born inspector. He loves the hunt of discovering technical information about a property, documenting that information, and conveying it to the clients in an informative manner. Caleb relies on his tools to accurately diagnose suspicious conditions as being a concern or not. He enjoys the interaction with clients by answering their questions and by providing insightful maintenance tips to help them have a positive experience. Caleb is routinely requested by name and has a long following of satisfied clients. Caleb enjoys the outdoors by cycling, hiking, and kayaking.
Caleb has been blessed by being married to his lovely wife Dawn since 2018.

Jon Douglass

Certified Discovery Inspector

We are so delighted to have Jon on our inspection team. Jon is always quick to flash a smile and just loves inspecting. He enjoys the challenge of finding discrepancies and positive observations of the property. Jon has a keen eye for detail and is known for his communication. Our customers and referral agents love his work ethic and quickly learn he is a true professional. Jon is not only certified as an inspector but also carries a building code inspector certification.

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