Fayetteville Commercial Inspections

From codes to regulations and everything in-between, Discovery Inspections has been providing the highest quality of commercial inspections in the surrounding Fayetteville Georgia area since 1997.

Commercial Inspection Georgia

Commercial Inspections Require A High-Level of Expertise

Commercial inspections, done right, are very different from residential inspections, requiring vast knowledge of applicable codes, standards, and regulations. Discovery Inspections brings expertise and experience to the table that are very hard to find. If you are an owner of commercial property, you need to have a proper understanding of how well your property has been maintained. If you are a potential lessee, you need to know the building’s condition and the expected maintenance costs of its systems that you are agreeing to maintain over the course of the lease. Discovery Inspections provides commercial property inspection — also widely known as due diligence assessments — and consulting services to provide companies, investors, developers, and lenders with critical information for their decision-making when buying, leasing, investing, selling, rehabbing, lending or managing property.

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