Peachtree City Asbestos & Lead Testing

For a quarter of a century, Discovery Inspections has provided thorough visual inspections to detect any signs or conditions that may encourage mold growth in properties across the greater Peachtree, Georgia area. Let our team of experts help ensure the safety of your air quality.

The Origin of Asbestos & Lead Paint

Asbestos and lead paint, one carcinogenic and the other a neurotoxin, were commonly used building materials in the United States until the end of the 1970s. Even after they were banned, products containing them still found their way into construction. This means that many buildings, some not even all that old, are still contaminated.  


Discovery Inspections will reliably and accurately test for both to address any commercial or residential asbestos or lead paint concerns. Call (678) 364-1111 to schedule your inspection

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