Peachtree City Pre Construction Inspections


For a quarter century, Discovery Inspections has conducted state of the art, pre-construction inspections in Peachtree City and surrounding areas, getting it right the first time each and every time. 

Here's Why Pre-Construction Inspections Are So Important

Don’t make the assumption that just because a home or building is newly constructed that it is free of defects. This the exception rather than the rule. Sixty percent of the defects our expert inspectors find are in new-builds. Why? County inspectors are often overworked and undermotivated; their stamps of approval are simply not reliable. Further, the building of a standard, 2,000 sq. ft. home entails an average of some 400 workers, a fact that means that human errors and cut corners are highly likely. For these reasons, quality control is critical, ensuring not only that each stage of construction is done correctly, but also sending a clear signal to the builder that only quality work and materials will be accepted.

Important Facts about New Construction

The time for your new construction inspection is before your final walk-through with the builder or builder’s representative, ideally one or two days in advance. Also, make sure to confirm that electric, gas and water have been turned on according to the agreed upon arrangements. Following these practices ensures that most, if not all, last-minute items have been completed before your inspection. A completed report will be provided to you at the conclusion of the inspection. 

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