Peachtree City Commercial Inspections

Since 1997, Discovery Inspections has serviced Peachtree City and the surrounding area with the highest quality, expert commercial inspections available. 

Special Expertise Is Required for Fully Reliable Commercial Inspections

Residential inspections are complex, but commercial inspections take complexity to the next level. To do the job right, an inspector must have full knowledge of all applicable regulations, standards and codes. When you bring Discovery Inspections onto your team, you are assured that your interests will be represented by such an expert inspector. It is critical information. Owners of commercial property must have a proper understanding of how their property has been maintained. A potential lessee needs to know the building’s condition and the expected maintenance costs of its systems before agreeing to maintain those systems over the course of the lease. Discovery Inspections is highly regarded for our expertise in commercial property inspection — also widely known as a due diligence assessment. Companies, developers, investors and lenders look to us to supply them with accurate and critical information when buying, leasing, selling or managing property.

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