Peachtree City Sewer Scope Inspection

From the buried drain lines to either the septic tank or the street pipes, Discovery Inspections’ certified inspectors will use our efficient and reliable sewer scope technology to ensure that your property’s underground plumbing system is issue free. 

The Importance of Sewer Scope Inspection

A thorough and complete sewer and septic pipe inspection, starting from the buried drain lines to the final service point (septic tank or street connection), are essential aspects of home evaluation. Without proper inspection, problems can go undetected and repairs can be expensive. Discovery Inspections’ highly-trained inspectors utilize the industry’s best underground equipment such as sewer scope pipe inspections to examine whether sewage and septic lines have been corroded, root-intruded, separated or blocked due to obstructions. Even in new buildings, our clients find that this money is well spent. 54% of our inspectors’ sewer scopes uncover issues that warrant repair. Call (678) 364-1111 to schedule your inspection today.

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