Fayetteville Pre Construction Inspections

As the old adage goes “Do it right the first time”. For over 24 years Discovery Inspections has been providing premier quality Pre-Construction inspections across Fayetteville Georgia and its surrounding cities.

Here's Why Pre-Construction Inspections Are So Important

Many people assume that newly constructed homes and buildings are free of defects. This is simply not true. For example, the construction of a standard, 2,000 sq. ft. house requires an average of some 400 workers at some point during the process. Odds are, someone will make a mistake. In fact, 60% of the defects that our expert inspectors uncover are found in new-builds, stamps of approval from often overworked and undermotivated county inspectors notwithstanding. This is why quality control is so critical. Unlike quality assurance, which tests for defects once a structure is built, quality control ensures that each stage of construction is done correctly and sends and sends a clear message to the builder that only quality work and materials will do. 


What To Know About New Construction

New construction inspections are performed at the completion of construction, but prior to your final walk-through with the builder’s customer service representative. It is always a good idea to verify that utilities (gas, water, and electric), have been turned on by either you or the builder depending on the builder’s policy. The home inspection should be scheduled just a day or two before your final walk through with the builder. This will ensure that most, if not all, last-minute items have been completed prior to your inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, a completed report will be provided to you.

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